Janitorial Services

  1. Pressure Cleaning: This is achieved with the use of high-pressure steam washer to get rid of dirt; oil and grease stain on surfaces that are not easily accessible.
  2. Restoration/Honing of Marble/Granite Floor: We restore granite/marble floor through grinding. Applying the process of smoothing marble/granite floor with the use of diamond abrasives. We use the neutral polishing process using powder for the polishing of the floor after grinding.
  3. Burnishing/Polishing of Terrazzo Palladian: Hard floors and surfaces are polished and burnished to bring out the shine with the aid of the burnishing machine.
  4. Steam Cleaning of Carpets /Upholstery: We clean carpets/upholstery (fabric) using steam/hot water extraction. We also clean rugs making use of absorbent compound
  5. Air Vent Cleaning:  Our professionals will thoroughly clean the nooks and crannies to remove the dust and dirt that can impact indoor air quality.
  6. Kitchen, and Cafeteria Cleaning: These are high-traffic areas where food is handled, causing them to be some of the dirtiest, most bacteria-laden areas in a workplace – our janitorial services and commercial cleaning supplies will keep them spotless and sanitized.
  7. Cleaning Desktops and Computer Rooms:  We’ll properly remove the dust and dirt that can impact the performance of your electronic equipment while ensuring your data is safe.
  8. Dusting and Damp Wiping: We’ll use the cleaning method that’s best for the particular surfaces around your facility, leaving the materials spotless.
  9. Empty Trash Receptacles: We can handle the removal of garbage created by everyday tasks, special projects, or construction – even if it includes potentially hazardous substances. Janitorial Services on a regular basis keep your facility customer and employee friendly.In addition to taking out the trash, we’ll leave behind clean bins and garbage shutes, free of any particles, liquids, or stray items that may have fallen outside the garbage bag.
  10. Exterior Cleaning: Make a great first impression by ensuring the outside of your building looks as good as new. Services include pressure cleaning, graffiti removal and gutter cleaning.
  11. Glass and Window Cleaning: Our window washers can handle even multiple story buildings and leave all glass surfaces sparkling – no streaks or water spots. We also clean off frames, sills, tracks, and blinds high rise window and louvers cleaning.
  12. High and Low Dusting: We can keep any surface dust-free, whether it’s floor level or high ceilings, using products specifically designed for the material.
  13. Post Construction Cleaning:  Whether it’s a brand new build or a minor remodel, construction projects always leaves behind a layer of dust, debris, and dirt. We’ll leave it clean and ready to impress. We have a team of experts who move into client’s newly completed or renovated buildings and carry out aggressive cleaning of the floors, window frames and glasses, toilets, electrical fittings and surroundings including common areas and façade.
  14. Restroom Sanitizing and Disinfecting:  We’ll keep your bathrooms clean and germ-free with products that keep surfaces sanitized as well as looking sparkling clean and smelling good.